The philosophy of naturalism and the claims of Darwinian evolution gained positions of prominence in science based on man- made definitions and commonly accepted assumptions. Yet there were a few tenacious dreamers who pushed the boundaries of science. The life of a single influential scientist may be interesting in itself, but when connected with the surrounding stories, history takes on greater meaning that doesn’t come from memorizing time, dates, names, and discoveries.

This book seeks to tell the story of one of those scientist: Dr. Lise Meitner. Her dreams of school, degrees, math, and science led her to one of mankind’s greatest discoveries. As you read through her life, and work on the included study questions, you will discover that tenaciousness pays off!

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About the Author

Carolyn reeves, with a 30-year teaching career and Ed.D degree, is a well-qualified science educator. However, her background in science has not diminished her conviction that the Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant, infallible Word. Throughout her teaching career, Carolyn’s talents included developing dramatic historical stories that integrated science with history.

Carolyn makes her home in Oxford, Mississippi. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting her three children and their families, including fourteen grandchildren.


ISBN: 978-1-947482-30-2

Size: 6″ X 9″, 80 pages