George Washington Carver is one of the heroes of American history. His desire to learn to read and get a real education carried him through a series of great difficulties and adventures. His early morning conversations with “Mr. Creator” gave him the tenacity to finish his dream of obtaining an education. He used that to help many farmers, white and black, to escape deep poverty and survive, as they faced the dark days of the Reconstruction, a boll weevil invasion, and the Depression of 1929. He taught them how to rotate crops so they could make farming a prosperous career.

Additionally, he discovered more than 300 uses for peanuts and other legumes that replaced cotton as the only cash crop some farmers knew how to plant. But his most valuable legacy was the young people he taught for decades at Tuskegee Institute.

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Carolyn reeves, with a 30-year teaching career and Ed.D degree, is a well-qualified science educator. However, her background in science has not diminished her conviction that the Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant, infallible Word. Throughout her teaching career, Carolyn’s talents included developing dramatic historical stories that integrated science with history.

Carolyn makes her home in Oxford, Mississippi. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting her three children and their families, including fourteen grandchildren.


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